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Marc Smith has been a Grand Master for more than 40 years and as a player has won most events on the English bridge calendar. He has also represented England and/or Great Britain numerous times in European and World championship events, and was a member of the British junior team that won the European Common Market title in 1985. Acknowledged as a bidding theorist, Smith is a member of the expert bidding panel for numerous bridge magazines worldwide. He also conducts the hugely-popular BBO Expert Bidding Panel and competition, and writes a weekly “Great VuGraph Hands” article that can also be found on the BBO website.

Marc began teaching as a staff member at the West of England Bridge in Bristol in the early 1980s, and many of his books are aimed at beginners and intermediate players. He was the official coach of the Thailand Open and Junior national teams during 2008/09 and at the World Mind Sports Championships in Beijing.

As a writer, Marc Smith is a regular contributor to numerous bridge magazines and he has also written more than 30 books on the game. He is the co-author (with Canadian teacher Barbara Seagram) of the best-selling bridge book since the days of Goren, the critically-acclaimed “25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know”, which won the American Bridge Teachers Association “Book of the Year” award. He also co-wrote (with David Bird) the 12-book “Bridge Technique” series, which also won the ABTA “Book of the Year” title, making Smith the first non-American to win the award twice.

NEW in 2022: The “Bridge Card Play: An Easy Guide” series: 10 booklets covering the most important elements of play as declarer, aimed at beginning and intermediate players. Co-written with the  most popular bridge writer of the 21st-Century, David Bird. NEW in 2023: the first volume of the much-awaited sequel to Marc’s best-selling 1999 classic, “World Class – Conversations with the Bridger Masters” is now available on Amazon. This first volume of "World Class - 21st Century" features "European Stars". The second volume, "Stars of the USA and the Rest of the World" will be out in early 2024. NEW in 2024: I am delighted to tell you that the world's largest and most popular bidding competition is alive and well at its new home on RealBridge. For more details, to see who is on our expert panel, and/or to enter this month's competition, go to


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